Follow along as we tackle various projects of interest to the Track Day Enthusiast. Projects will range from the simple, which take only a couple of hours, up to the construction of a complete Open Track Wonder.

We are looking for ideas for our project car and we’d like your help. We would like to take a car from completely stock to a full on track day special. We have some ideas for our project car, but we’d like your input. The goal of this project is to show what can be done to produce a fun, safe and reliable track day car, while still serving as daily transportation or reserved for track only duties. And, we must do it on a budget reasonable enough that it could be an affordable project for almost anyone.

We have some ground rules we must follow, so here’s what we’re looking for;

1. The perfect candidate should be very inexpensive to purchase and economical enough to serve as a daily driver for much of the project. Our goal is to purchase the car for $3000.00 or less.

2. It should perform well enough in stock condition that a novice could attend some track days to improve their driving skills without modifying it first.

3. Repair and replacement parts must be readily available and reasonably priced.

4. There must be a healthy and thriving performance aftermarket for the car.

Sure, we could go out and buy a Civic, or an Integra, but let’s try to be a little more creative. That’s why we need your help to discover that overlooked nugget, that unpolished gem, that….well, you get the idea.

We’ve come up with a few candidates that could fit within our budget so far:

1. E30 3-series BMW (4 or 6 cylinder?)

2. Porsche 924 or early 944

3. 91-94 Nissan SE-R

4. 2000-01 Ford Focus ZX-3 (Drive one before you laugh)

5. One of a million Civics out there if we can find one unmodified.

So, there’s our short list. Tell us which one we should pick and why (And not because you happen to have one you would sell us- cheap). Or, give us another idea. We’re open to suggestions. We would like to be different too. As long as it doesn’t cost us more money.